“10 Rappers Who Beefed With Oldheads” Listed By HipHopWired

"10 Rappers Who Beefed With Oldheads" Listed By HipHopWired

Nicki Minaj’s beef with Lil’ Kim is among the rivalries included.

On the heels of Young Thug’s diss of Jay Z, HipHopWired has compiled a list of “10 Rappers Who Beefed With Oldheads.”

Nicki Minaj going after Lil’ Kim on “Roman’s Revenge” was seen as the catalyst of the Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim beef. “Had they left well enough alone,” HipHopWired says, “Kim would have won that battle—nstead, no one won this beef…”

“Kendrick Lamar vs. Everyone Else” also makes the list thanks to the TDE rapper’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control.”

“Let us remind ourselves of the recent greatness that was Kendrick’s ‘Control,’ where he called out EVERYBODY and their mother, and promised to ‘murder’ any emcee that dared to step to him on the mic,” the list says.

To read the full list, go to HipHopWired.

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