All Our Exes Live in Texas – Boundary Road

All Our Exes Live in Texas

All Our Exes Live in Texas is a fantasy draft of Sydney’s finest singer-songwriters – Elana Stone, Katie Wighton, Hannah Crofts and Georgia Mooney – here combining in four-part, indie-folk harmony heaven. On mandolin, ukulele, accordion and guitar, the Exes are a powerhouse of charm and songwriting prowess. Fair warning:…

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Today’s Music Recommendation: Fred Thomas – ‘Voiceover’

Fred Thomas

Fred Thomas stumbles over his words on “Voiceover” as he tries to ascribe some sort of concrete language to late-night mental backflips of confusion and inequity and failed dreams, but he ends up just building to a frustrated exaltation of horns and a frenzied list: “All those angry dad feelings,…

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Maria Taylor – ‘In The Next Life’

Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor‘s career runs through four albums with the band Azure Ray, a bunch of EPs and singles, and six full-length solo records, the latest of which she’s releasing herself. She’s also relatively newly married with two young children, so she’s bound to be in a reflective state of mind.…

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Best Coast – “Christmas And Everyday”

Best Coast

Best Coast have contributed an original holiday song to the upcoming Amazon Prime-exclusive kids special An American Girl Story — Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas. It’s called “Christmas And Everyday,” and it applies the band’s sunny pop sensibilities to an aspirational refrain — “Did you know when you wake up, you…

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